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Wishbones' founder
Ben Clifford

Ben is a technology & change specialist with 20+ years industry experience spanning blue chips (BUPA, Talk Talk, Vodafone) to start-ups. Passionate about helping organisations achieve their goals faster by delivering digital change using no-code tools, SaaS & Agile methods.

His key skills & experience include: 

* Delivery of new capabilities faster using no-code / visual programming tools (e.g. Bubble, Zapier) and other cloud technologies (incl. SalesForce, Dynamics 365, SiteCore, Azure & HubSpot) 

* Managing large delivery teams (incl. product owners, business analysts, project managers & technical resources) using Agile(Scrum)

* Delivering transformation across org structure & business processes

* Target operating model definition (data, systems, people, process (TOGAF)) & management of change portfolios. Working with senior stakeholders to define strategy & identify benefits (ROI, NPV, IRR)

When not working I love windsurfing, cycling, going for walks with my wife, swimming with my daughter and getting beaten by my son at chess.

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Neil Kirby, Director of Sales and Marketing at a major insurer

Ben was highly effective in leading the implementation of new technologies to help achieve the organisation’s sales and marketing goals"

Michael Stephenson, Microsoft Coach & Consultant

"Ben is great at understanding the needs of an organisation and what changes to systems, data, processes and structure are required"

Kalpesh Patel, Programme Manager

"Ben has a clear and fundamental understanding of the key steps to follow to ensure successful delivery of business critical systems"
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