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What we do

The ability of organisations of all sizes to thrive is more dependent than ever on digital innovation and effective change, be it to create services for customers to win business, streamline internal processes to save money or to meet regulatory requirements.

Traditional IT delivery methods (e.g. coding-from-scratch or implementing complex vendor packages), either to create customer-facing websites or implement new internal systems, take too long, are expensive and often fail to meet business objectives.

Fortunately a revolution in digital innovation is underway and you can benefit. Using our Analysis.Design.Delivery. approach, underpinned by the use of the visual-programming / no-code tools, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Agile methods and operating model change techniques, we can help you innovate and change up to 4x faster and more easily maintain your new systems and capability in-life.


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How we do what we do


Successful implementation of new capability depends on a clear description of what is required to meet the business goals. We use business process modelling & Agile techniques to create and document an ongoing, common understanding & prioritisation of the required application functions alongside security, performance & privacy requirements.

When considering wider operating model changes to meet strategic goals we use enterprise architecture techniques to map the 'as-is' and 'to-be' states across people, process, systems and data.


Our preferred development platform is the visual-programming / no-code platform Bubble. A revolutionary tool, it allows us to deliver sophisticated, secure applications up to 4x faster compared to coding from scratch or using complex vendor packages. Where necessary, we can integrate with other services via plugins or APIs.


If another SaaS platform (e.g., Zapier) can meet your requirements we will recommend that (and avoid re-inventing wheel). Whatever the solution we will clearly document how the design will meet the requirements identified during Analysis.


We follow Agile(Scrum) techniques, typically following 1 week sprints. Each week starts with a planning session where we agree with the sponsor the functions to be delivered. At the end of the week we demonstrate those functions in the Show-and-Tell. The great advantage of using this method is ongoing, close involvement of the sponsor & the flexibility to adapt to changes.

During delivery we will get your internal teams ready to support the in-life operation of your new system. The same principle applies for the delivery of 'non-IT' operating model changes (e.g. new business processes), delivered also using an Agile cadence.

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