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Tech overview

Achieving business & organisational goals is often dependent on the implementation of new IT capability, which has historically been slow and expensive to deliver.

Coding from the ground-up is complex, lengthy and dependent on hard-to-find technical expertise. Implementing large vendor packages initially seems like a good short-cut, but making changes to the vanilla platform is often complex and requires expensive specialists. Further, cloud-based vendors may implement upgrades that can clash with your changes.


Our solution to these issues is twofold:

1) Avoid coding-from-scratch as much as possible. It simply isn't necessary anymore to deliver many sophisticated digital applications. Instead, we use visual programming / no-code tools to deliver systems up to 4x faster compared to traditional methods. Our preferred no-code development tool for browser-based apps is Bubble and, where required, we may recommend other tools alongside (e.g. Zapier). Learn more about Bubble here.

2) Use existing SaaS platforms (e.g., SalesForce, Trello, Xero) that can meet requirements with minimal code-based customisation. We are big believers in not re-inventing the wheel and using existing, credible services where possible. The exact technology service will depend on your requirements which is why we perform Analysis (high-level requirements definition) at the start of each project

Learn more about 

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Bubble is a full-stack (front-end, logic, database) visual programming tool designed to make the creation of powerful applications far easier. Created in 2012 it now supports over 1 million applications supported by a thriving community of users & 3rd-parties creating plugins

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Great user experiences

Bubble allows the creation of logic which can then determine what happens as users navigate the application, click by click. It is possible to display user-generated content or data fetched from its own internal database or services like Stripe, Google, and Facebook. Change the font, colour, visibility or language of anything on the page based on information from the app with dynamic and responsive elements.

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Integrate & scale

Fully extend Bubble apps with Javascript plugins, or connect to any API. Integrate Bubble apps with Stripe and Braintree to support complex payment models. Allocate more server resources as the user base grows and scale up from a demo app to a web-scale enterprise without technical changes.

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Secure & private

User data kept safe with automatic SSL certificates for all Bubble websites, multi-factor authentication, privacy rules and secure infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, RDS’s AES-256 encryption).  Set up user accounts and enable log-ins with passwords or OAuth 2.0 compatible providers, including Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google. See here for more detail.

Example apps built with

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or other no code tools

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When Bubble isn't appropriate

No tool can cover all scenarios. There are certain instances where Bubble may not be appropriate and we'll recommend alternatives.

1) If you are looking to create a relatively simple website, for example displaying a portfolio of work, there are easier and quicker options (e.g. Wix). Bubble is very powerful, but this power comes with a learning curve. For somebody who already has a degree of IT literacy (e.g. can think logically and has an awareness of structuring data) it typically takes 2-4 months effort (not elapsed) to become competent

2) It does not yet provide the ability to build native apps for app stores

3) Bubble is not optimised to run AI, complex algorithms or rule-sets, but it can easily integrate with services that can via dedicated plugins or APIs

4) Bubble apps can only be hosted on AWS cloud servers or dedicated instances. Private hosting or on-premise servers are not supported 


5) Your data can be exported from your app, but the underlying application code cannot be. The application can be extended with custom Javascript if necessary (although rarely needed)

6) It is not an appropriate tool to build complex games

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